We are Kwettr: online distribution and marketing platform.

Our mission is to improve the artist-fan relationship. Resulting in a bigger reach and more revenue for artists and record labels.
Kwettr is Spotify preferred delivery partner, official Facebook marketing partner and Google/YouTube certified advertiser.

Perfect combination of music marketing and distribution

We believe the power of any successful record lies in the perfect combination of marketing and distribution. Reaching the right target audience at the right time, using the right content.

Kwettr’s combination of distribution and marketing services offers artists and labels the perfect toolbox to increase online revenue. Using A.I. technology, a state-of-the-art online platform and years of music marketing experience we help you grow your musical career.

Kwettr YouTube Marketing & Spotify Marketing

For your company


Kwettr has direct deals and connections with all major DSPs, such as iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube and Spotify.

Trends & Analytics

Daily insights in streams and downloads from major DSPs. A.I. technology to predict future sales patterns.

Spotify Marketing

Use Kwettr to get your tracks included in large user-generated Spotify playlists.

YouTube Marketing

Increase views and grow engagement on your music videos.

Ads Campaigns

Kwettr is a Google Certified advertiser on YouTube, Google Display, Search and Shopping ads. Facebook preferred marketing partner.

Custom made marketing solutions

Remix contests, mailings, marketing plans and tools for increasing fan engagement.

Kwettr Winner Accenture Innovation Awards

Kwettr Finalist Midem Marketing Competition

Kwettr Third place Buma Meets Tech Awards

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