Frequently asked questions

What about privacy and GDPR?

Kwettr only collects data that people share. Kwettr does not access protected data, nor does it share data with third parties.

I am an artist and I do not have many followers on social media. What advantage does Kwettr offer me?

People from over 200 countries in the world use Kwettr to unlock music. Our Kwettr community helps to increase the number of followers and streams on Spotify and YouTube.

Unlock Tool

What is needed to have an Unlock Tool?

Artwork, a social media account and digital content.

I’ve created a free Unlock Tool. For how long can I use it for free?

You can use your Social Unlock Tool for 2 weeks. After that, you’ll receive a notification to upgrade your account.

I want an Unlock Tool for my company. Can I access the collected data?

Yes, you have full access to all data, 24/7. You can update the Kwettr system as often as you like.

Can I reward loyal fans?

Kwettr allows content to be unlocked when a certain amount of points is exceeded.

For example, when a fan performs multiple actions on an Unlock Tool, each action rewards the fan with 5 points. A tweet, a like and a follow are all rewarded with 5 points. You can set the number of points that are needed in order for the fan to receive extra content. This way fans are rewarded when they actively share your message multiple times.

Can I prevent fans from creating fake accounts in order to receive exclusive content?

Yes, Kwettr tools can even measure how high the increase in reach actually was. For example, a fan shares your message and reaches more than a certain number of people: in that case, content is unlocked. This feature prevents people from creating 'fake' accounts in order to receive your content. Only your true fans will be rewarded when they share your message. You can set the threshold as you wish.

Direct Message Campaign

How many messages can I send with my free trial?

The first 200 messages are free. After that, you’ll receive a message to upgrade your account.

How long can I try for free?

The first 30 days are free. After that, you’ll receive a message to upgrade your account.