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Music marketing agency Kwettr launches digital distribution platform

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Perfect combination of music marketing and distribution

We believe the power of any successful record lies in the perfect combination of marketing and distribution. Reaching the right target audience at the right time, using the right content.

Kwettr has strong relations with blogs and websites for DJs. Use Kwettr promotions to get your track included in the top 100 Beatport in any dance genre. Using AI technology, a state-of-the-art online platform and years of dance music marketing experience, we help you promote your best dance songs.

Kwettr YouTube Marketing & Spotify Marketing

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Kwettr has direct deals and connections with all major DSPs, such as Beatport, Apple Music, Juno Download, Traxsource, Spotify and YouTube.

Trends & Analytics

Daily insights in streams and downloads from major DSPs. A.I. technology to predict future sales patterns.

Spotify Marketing

Use Kwettr to get your dance songs included in large user-generated Spotify playlists.

EDM network

Kwettr has a worldwide EDM network of blogs and press agencies. House music, trance, club music, and electro-pop; we promote all dance music genres.

Ads Campaigns

Kwettr is a Google Certified advertiser on YouTube, Google Display, Search and Shopping ads. Facebook preferred marketing partner.

Custom made marketing solutions

Remix contests, mailings, DJ mixes online and tools for increasing fan engagement.

What people say about Kwettr

What people say about Kwettr

I used Kwettr several times now and seeing the reactions of my fans was just overwhelming. It’s an easy way to share your news and say thank you at the same time. I can only recommend trying it!

Roger Shah
Magic Island Records

What people say about Kwettr

Kwettr is a brilliant opportunity to get your message heard in a way that connects you even more with your fans. Seeing the feedback on Kwettr campaigns is impressive and give you the unique chance to give an even more personal thank you to your audience while sharing news with them at the same time.

Jenny Walzer
Project & Digital Campaign Management

What people say about Kwettr

The Kwettr experience gave us a fantastic boost in our social media presence and gave us a much-needed look into our statistics and demographics. I would highly recommend partnering up as we saw higher sales and larger reach for our recent releases which attributed largely to the addition of our Kwettr page.

Benjamin Leung
AVA Recordings

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