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The importance of SEO and SEA for the music industry

SEO and SEA are two of the most underestimated parts of online marketing for musicians and record labels. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a shift towards advertising on social media instead of other ads giants like Google. Let’s take a closer look at how the music industry can contact a stunning 95% of all internet users. 

So what does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of changing content on your website in order to appear higher on search engines.

And what does SEA stand for?

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. Where SEO is about improving your website, SEA is all about placing ads on search engines and partnering websites. For example the Google Search Engine, YouTube and its partners.

Websites: who needs them anyway?

Why focus on optimizing your website if you don’t use it in the first place? Most used media of artists are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course YouTube so why spend time to generate traffic to your website. These media are all easily accessible for fans (they are already scrolling Facebook so they might as well check out your message) and used by billions of people. 

There is, in fact, a downside to focussing on social media instead of your own website: the content on social media is not yours. Media on your website is yours to post, control and monetize. Modern websites can have data collection tools: big data and customer relationships are key in online marketing success. Social media come and go, your website is yours to control.

On the other hand, using a website is brilliant internet marketing whereas blog posts and good content help building links.

Why should I promote my website?

An artist’s or label’s website can be the focal point in online marketing activities. Smart tools can be used to collect data of fans (with their consent of course) and growing a solid relationship with your fanbase. Promoting your website makes sure that fans find your website and of course your YouTube channel, which has all your music videos, as YouTube is part of Google.

How should I promote my website?

Apart from social media ads, Google offers a wide display of advertising tools. Best way to promote a website is by using Google tools instead of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is an easy to use hands-on advertising tool with limitless possibilities.

SEA: the tools at your disposal

Let’s focus on some Google ads tools here:


Ads available in Google Search Engine, partnering search engines and YouTube.

These are text ads, made up of information about your website or product, site extensions and description of services.

Kwettr -  Google Search Ads


Image and video ads on all websites connected to Google’s worldwide network and of course including YouTube. In-video ads, normal video ads and images of your brand. Various targeting methods and strategies available including spreading awareness of your brand.

Kwettr -  Google Display Ads

Shopping ads

Your products displayed on Google and its partners, displayed next to other products or search engines. For example merch, cd’s, DVD’s and concert tickets. 

Kwettr -  Google Shopping Ads

How to win at Google Ads

One of the best ways to start doing Google Ads is to use our SEO reporting tools. Included in our Enterprise product, it offers clients insights into how they can improve their website to rank higher in Google. Kwettr SEO tools also show you paid search campaigns of competitors, keyword research and inform you on how search engines work. 


Another important online strategy to use is piggybacking. It basically means using the success of your competitors to improve your own marketing strategy. It sounds like something intangible, but we can help you do this. 

Piggybacking sheets 

Take our piggybacking sheets, for example, sheets that have relevant data of your biggest competitors. Demographics of visitors, biggest social channels, referring sites, actionable ideas and backlinks. Crawled online by Kwettr to help you boost your music marketing strategy.

Kwettr -  Kwettr Piggybacking Reports

Watson Insights 

Another tool to promote music is using our IBM Watson Insights Report. Get valuable insights into where your fans are, what they value and through which channels you can reach them. It helps you improve your content marketing: determine what great content should be used in a marketing campaign and how social media platforms need to be used to get those fans to streaming platforms. 

Kwettr -  Kwettr IBM Watson Reports

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