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Kwettr launched a new music marketing platform

In March 2021 the newly created platform will be launched. Kwettr pivots from being a boutique marketing agency to an easy to use platform for artists.

“Our new platform enables artists and record labels to reward their loyal fans with exclusive content, create smart messaging tools for social media and above all gain valuable insights in their marketing efforts.” Bas Kruijssen (co-founder of Kwettr) says.

“We listened to the growing demand for affordable ways to market music. Instead of hiring expensive tech- and marketing companies to create tools, we made a platform that enables artists to make these tools themselves. Saving them time and money” 

Kwettr started as part of Dutch record company Black Hole Recordings.

Over 20 years of music industry and marketing experience lead to the creation of Kwettr, a set of tools for artists to promote their music in a new, innovative way. Using artificial intelligence and sophisticated data analysis tools.

2021: a year of great importance for the music industry

The music industry is struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a growing demand for new marketing technologies. Kwettr answers that question by launching a free to use DYI music marketing platform, enabling artists and record labels to grow their fanbase and revenue.

It all started 6 years ago, when a so-called digital pop up store for Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings was the first-ever Kwettr product to be launched. Fans of Ferry Corsten received a direct message via Twitter, giving them a free download of one of his tracks. In return for a tweet or like, his fans were given access to his music. 

Shortly after Kwettr was nominated for Best Music Marketing idea of 2015 by Midem. A highly acclaimed annual music marketing competition, held in Cannes every June. 

In 2016 Kwettr won the Accenture Innovation Awards Public Prize. 6 months later, Kwettr was runner up at the Buma Meets Tech Awards 2017.

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Early 2018 the first plans for creating a scalable platform were born. The demand for music marketing campaigns grew. Growth can only be achieved by offering a scalable platform. The years that followed (2019 and 2020) were focussed on finding and building the best technical solution for artists and record labels.

Our mission

Kwettr’s mission is to improve the artist/fan relationship, resulting in a bigger reach and more revenue for artists. We believe that asking is not the first step in marketing activities (like my page, buy my track, stream my music). Instead of first asking fans to perform a certain action, we believe that giving something to fans strengthens the relationship.

Kwettr’s tools have always been centred around that mission. Unlock Tools (f.e. Share Music, Email Capture) to reward most loyal fans with exclusive content and Direct Message Campaigns to loyal followers on social media are good examples.

Our promise to the customer

We offer our customers a do-it-yourself platform with a large toolkit, to improve fan relationships and grow revenue. 24/7 access, full control over all Kwettr tools. 

GDPR proof, open and transparent data collection and reporting. Easy to use graphs and analytical data.

Kwettr tools and services on the new platform

The new platform enables paid and free users to create and manage custom made music promotion services:

Unlock Tools: funnel marketing for the music industry

4 different Unlock Tools (Share Music, Email Capture, Remix Competition and Refer a Friend). Pre-saves on music streaming services included.

Direct Message Campaigns: personalized messaging on social media

One of the first Kwettr tools, still strong after all those years. Personalized messages sent to active Twitter users, in bulk.

Conversions exceed 30% on click-throughs, compared to email conversion rates (1%) a stunning number.

Artists login using their Twitter account, write a direct message of max 1000 characters and choose targeting options to select user segments. Based on country, language, level of activity.

Spotify playlist campaigns

Guaranteed Spotify playlist features on user-generated playlists, up to 100K subscribers.
Easy to use forms for Spotify marketing.

Beatport promotions

For dance music related artists we offer Beatport promo submissions. Easy to use forms to inform Beatport of an upcoming release and all its marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing campaigns

Kwettr Influencer Marketing includes reports of most influential blogs and media in the music industry.

Contacts management

The Contacts section of the platform has data on the activity of contacts; most active users are displayed on top. Each contact shows on what way he or she interacted with the artist, with direct action buttons such as ‘dm’ or ‘send email’.


Kwettr has a dedicated community of music fans, who are used to sharing on social media in order to get exclusive access to music.

Smart link building music landing pages. Create your own digital marketing tool to let fans choose the portal of their preference.

Kwettr app

The Kwettr app is used on live events. Set a perimeter around a club or venue; once fans enter the perimeter they receive a welcome message. Let fans unlock a new single when posting on Instagram during the gig.

How to onboard?

Kwettr has a free tier and lots of different packages and products to start with. Our Enterprise tier comes with a dedicated account manager and SEO and SEM services. The account manager can also create products or services and determine a marketing strategy.

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