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4 ingredients to boost music revenue: a short guide to kick-starting your new single release

Every artist can relate to the feeling of excitement when the release date of a new single is coming up. Months or weeks of preparation, mastering, composing and fine-tuning. But what happens when the creative process is finally done? A new one begins, focused on marketing, data analytics and sales. 

Here are 4 quick fixes for boosting sales and streams on your new release:

1. Spotify playlist promotions

Did you know that well over 75% of all streams are generated through playlists? And that getting in touch with playlist curators is a painstakingly difficult job that costs both time and money? That’s where Kwettr Spotify playlist pitching comes in handy. 

How Dutch trance label Nocturnal Knights Music boosts their monthly releases on Spotify

A good example of a recurring Spotify playlist promotion is Nocturnal Knights Music, a Dutch-based trance label. They select 1 track every month that receives a pitch to our playlist curators. Kwettr guarantees to deliver playlist features on Spotify, in user-generated playlists with up to 100K subscribers.

Kwettr Spotify marketing

Success story:

Nocturnal Knights Music uses its Kwettr account to submit the URI of a new release. Within 5 business days, the track is featured in dance-minded playlists on Spotify.

Kwettr’s Spotify promo also comes in 50K, 100K and even 300K packages.

Book your own campaign here.

2. Kwettr YouTube promotions

The second most-often used gem is our YouTube promotions product. Kwettr, a Google Certified company, promotes music videos on YouTube using state-of-the-art technologies.

YouTube is one of the most important platforms in the world when it comes to music discovery. Millions of hours of video material are freely available for everybody in the world. 

‘Views’ is the one metric that matters on YouTube. Music videos without a significant number of views are one of the worst nightmares of any artist. Kwettr makes sure that this nightmare does not come true; promoting music videos is one of our specialities.

Kwettr YouTube marketing

How does it work?

YouTube video promotions can be booked in less than a minute. The only information we need is the link to the video and the desired budget. For less than €160 we guarantee that a music video collects at least 10.000 real views. 

Is it legit?

Yes, of course. The views are generated through cutting-edge advertising. Powered by our A.I. reporting tools, daily monitoring and fast pacing.

Kwettr YouTube marketing - targeting pack

How do I make money on this?

All views generated by Kwettr ads campaigns can be monetized. By promoting YouTube videos your channel receives enormous amounts of traffic, growing the number of subscribers. 

Book your YouTube promo here.

3. Direct message campaigns on social media

Production: check. Distribution: check. Promotion: check. But what about a mass-communication tool for social media? Exactly, that is where Kwettr DM Campaigns come into place.

What is it?

Kwettr sends direct, personalized messages to followers of a Twitter account. Active users are filtered and placed in lists, based on activity, territory and interests. Compose your direct message, max 15.000 characters, select the user list and start sending direct messages instantly.

Kwettr Direct Message Campaigns

The power of direct message communication

Facts & Figures:

  • Conversion often exceeds 30%, as opposed to a mail campaign (1%) that number is massive;
  • Kwettr sends well over 3 million direct messages per year.

Case study:

Paul van Dyk used a Twitter Direct Message Campaign to give his fans his Tomorrowland set. His followers received a personal direct message, containing a link to the set. Once unlocked or downloaded, the fan also received a link to the voting ballot for DJ Mag Top 100. Results: Paul van Dyk has 1.3 million followers, during the DM Campaign the tweets reached over 55 million people. Over 100.000 interactions and 9 climbed places on the DJ Mag election.

4. IBM Watson reports

Reaching as many fans with the most valuable, suitable content is a major challenge when releasing music. Getting to know the fans, and being able to predict future online behaviour is crucial in any successful album or single release.

Kwettr IBM Watson Reports

What is IBM Watson and how can it help me?

IBM has developed a supercomputer that uses artificial intelligence to predict fan behaviour. It scans 10 years of social media data and analyses those tweets, mentions and posts. Based on the online archive of conversations the supercomputer makes predictions.

It helps artists understand their target audience and teaches them what is most to be expected from fans. 

How does it work for me?

Artists can select combinations of over 175 attributes, ranging from interests, genres, demographics and sociographics. 


All Hail the Silence is a collaboration of two dance artists, BT and Christian Burns. They used a Kwettr IBM Watson Report to determine their best go-to-market strategy for the newly formed band on social media.

User segments

The first step was to determine user segments, based on psychological profiles. A Watson analysis was made of the social media accounts closely related to the AHTS brand.

Channel activation

The second step was to find out where the new target group could best be reached. Watson channel activation report: an insight into the radio, TV and printed media the target group uses most frequently.

Ads targeting

The third step was to find the right targeting for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Ads. A target pack was made by Kwettr, to determine the right parameters, bids and copies for ads.


Combined with playlist pitches, the first album was launched successfully. A tour for AHTS followed afterwards.

Kwettr IBM Watson Reports (AHTS User case)


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