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How to use Instagram direct messaging for music marketing

One of the most popular social media for musicians nowadays is Instagram. And of course, the internet is filled with tips and tricks for Instagram stories, user-generated content or advise on times to post. But what most blogs don’t cover is the direct artist to fan relationship and more particular the direct ways of interacting with fans. The music industry relies on social networks in a marketing campaign.

Here’s a guide to using direct messages on Instagram to promote your music on streaming platforms.

Instagram Direct Message campaigns explained

Instagram allows users to send direct messages to friends which can be used in online marketing campaigns. Much like on Twitter, messages can’t be sent in bulk to people that do not follow the account. So, for example, a DJ can use Kwettr to send all his followers a direct personal message with a special invite for his upcoming show, release or music videos.

An Instagram DM can include the following types of content: photos and videos, URL and copy. It does not appear in an Instagram feed.

To Spam or not to Spam

Messaging is often experienced as spam by social media users. To avoid direct messages having a spammy feel, only the most active followers are sent a direct message. This is very similar to sending emails to only the most active users on an email list.

The message can’t be sent to people who do not follow. So only the fans base or dedicated followers receive a personal note on Instagram DM.

So how does it work?

Like any social media platform, Instagram has strict rules on sending DM’s. One of them is a maximized number of DM’s sent per hour. Our system makes sure to stay well below the maximum number of DM’s to avoid campaigns from pausing. 

Messages need to be unique, meaning that the messages from a campaign need variety. Sending the same message in bulk causes campaigns to be paused or accounts to be suspended.

More information on how to use DM campaigns in social media marketing can be found here.

Best practices for using direct messages on Instagram

Here are 5 Instagram marketing tips for artists and record labels to use DM’s in your Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Communicate an upcoming release

Most of our customers use DM campaigns to send pre saves of upcoming releases on Spotify. As an addition to Instagram ads, Google AdWords and other online advertising.

2. Give your fans exclusive material

Do you have an exclusive mix or a teaser of an upcoming release? Use DM’s to share these with your Instagram users. The right target audience within reach with just a simple direct message.

3. Invite them to a show

Localize DM’s, invite people to your show. A personal touch to your most dedicated fans.

4. Promote your Kwettr tools

If you have a Kwettr unlock tool then an Instagram DM campaign is perfect to drive traffic to these tools.

5. Avoid using brand hashtags

It may sound strange, but including a hashtag in a dm is not a best practice. A hashtag is an extra clickable item for potential customers to click on.

Conversion and success rates on Instagram campaigns

Much like DM campaigns on Twitter, Instagram DM campaigns have a huge conversion rate as opposed to email marketing. Email campaigns normally have a conversion rate of 1%, direct message campaigns on social media between 15% and 40%. This is due to the personal character of the messages being sent and of course the sender: an artist sends you a personal note.

Case study: AVA Recordings DM campaign

AVA Recordings is a Canadian trance record label with frequent releases. Getting tracks featured in Spotify playlists is important to the label; it generates awareness and streams.

In this case, all AVA Recordings followers received a personal message including a link to a pre-save on Spotify. This information was later included in promotional activities towards Spotify, informing them on the large amounts of traffic to the portal. The campaign generated pre-saves and awareness, resulting in Spotify playlist features for the track.

How can I start an Instagram direct message campaign?

Use Kwettr to start an Instagram DM campaign. The first and most important thing to do is to determine the goal of your campaign. Then choose the number of messages that has to be sent. Costs are charged per sent DM, so if you need a high number of DM’s one of our Kwettr subscriptions is usually more cost-efficient. 

Would you like to know what campaign is right for you? Find out here.

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