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The ultimate guide for artists to successfully promote a new single

Assets, content, videos: Quality is King

It might sound obvious, but the most important factor in promoting a single release is the quality of the complete package. The audio, music videos, artwork and label copy should be of the highest quality. Certain DSP’s (digital service providers) such as Apple Music have a so-called Quality Control.

The quality control of DSP’s is a set of preconditions that need to be met. The audio has to a WAV file format, the artwork has to be in certain dimensions and information about writers/composers and publishers should be communicated. DSP’s have ‘preferred partners’: record labels or distributors that they prefer getting content from because those parties maintain a high standard.

So besides creating the best song ever made, keep in mind that quality control is about more than originality.

Key factor: distribution of music

Like mentioned above, certain labels or distributors have a ‘preferred partner status’ from DSP’s. A digital distributor makes sure the content is being sent to the DSP at the right time, including the right assets. Promotions are being set up by the distributor, to a certain extent.  

Tip: make sure to choose the right distributor, avoid using self-service platforms.

Distributors such as DistroKid, Symphonic Distribution or Label Worx are examples of distributors that have high-quality standards. Self-serving platforms, where an artist can upload content himself without an extra set of eyes for quality control, can be tricky. Self-service platforms are less expensive, but it can come at a cost. 

The importance of lead time: when to deliver content and start promotions

A general rule of thumb in regards to lead time is to deliver all content at least 3 weeks prior to the release date to all DSP’s. Pitching for Spotify playlists is best to be done up to 1 week prior to release because all releases pitched before that time end up in people’s Release Radar and Discover Weekly. Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon… 3 weeks lead time is sufficient. 

After delivering the single at least 3 weeks prior to the release date it’s time to create a marketing plan. During those 3 weeks, the pre-order/pre-saves can be communicated to fans, resulting in chart positions and better chances of getting into playlists. Most importantly, the marketing plan should have the goal to increase reach and drive as much traffic as possible to DSP’s. 

Kwettr marketing plan

To promote a single the best way possible, we offer a wide range of products or services to get a bigger reach on social media channels and improve fan/artist relationships. 

The Unlock Tool

Our free Unlock Tool offers your loyal fans the opportunity to unlock great exclusive content in return for a tweet, like, snap, follow, selfie or email address. Your fans are asked to promote the single for you, and in return, they get rewarded. Rewarding fans is relationship marketing: share music in return for a little digital word to mouth marketing.

Kwettr -  Discover-Unlock-Tools

Direct Message Campaign

Kwettr sends direct personal messages to followers of your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Targeted to active users, you are free to select any group of followers within your social network. The dm’s include links to your Unlock Tool.

Kwettr -  Kwettr Direct Message Campaigns

Pre-save campaign/smart landing page

Our smart landing pages let you create 1 link to communicate with, including all links to DSP’s. Pre-saves for Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music included. Included in our free package.

Kwettr -  Kwettr pre-saves

Facebook ads

For artists and record labels that do not have the luxury of a large fanbase on social media, we offer our Facebook ads tool. Online advertising for any budget, included in our Pro and Enterprise music marketing packages.

Kwettr -  Facebook Marketing

Kwettr app

Another great tool for the music industry: the Kwettr app. The app has thousands of daily active users who all visit the app to unlock great content and share it with their friends. The app acts as a loyalty program; unlock content and get rewarded. 

The app collects email addresses. Fans opt-in to receiving free music and those email addresses are used in email marketing.

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