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How to use content marketing in the music industry

Content marketing is actually one of the oldest forms of marketing, dating back at least 100 years. It’s a way of marketing perfectly suitable for the music industry, especially nowadays in the digital age.

This blog explains content marketing and shows tips on how to use it.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way of marketing aimed at creating relevant and valuable content to attract and engage the target audience with the objective of profitable customer action. 

Translated to the music industry: the use of content (videos, artwork, music and such) to entice the audience to a valuable interaction, for example, a sale, a follow on Spotify or subscribe to a YouTube channel.

The modern music industry has unlimited possibilities for including content marketing in a marketing plan. Digital content can easily be used in online advertising, free giveaways, contests or email marketing.

Our best practices lined up:

Be personal

Make sure that when including content in a marketing campaign, a personal touch is added. One of the best examples is the content marketing strategy by Coca Cola, which enabled users to custom make a bottle of Coca Cola.

How to do this in the music industry?

The Kwettr app is used to create filters for social media images. Artists use the app to create a filter for a selfie, the fan with the most original use of the filter wins a prize. The app collects votes and boosts the social sharing options, making the campaign go viral. 

Get your fans involved 

A great way of getting fans involved is by co-writing lyrics to a track or running a remix competition. Tagging fans and sharing their contribution to the content marketing plan helps to spread the word.

Guest vlogging

Drop your new track or album in a vlog from a third party. For example, a YouTube channel of which the subscribers are potential fans. This is a challenging strategy which requires a lot of work, but Kwettr Influencer marketing can help you in the right direction. 

Be social (sharing is caring)

This means not only posting about the content marketing idea on social media but it also requires digging a little deeper. Kwettr helps artists to get in touch with their most loyal customers. Direct personal messages to a select group of users for example. 

Also, when a content marketing campaign is running, be sure to share the efforts done by fans. For example, when a fan creates a remix and it is of good quality, be sure to share and mention the fan for a good relationship.

Source of content: ownership

Another important topic is the ownership of the content. Be sure that any piece of content in the marketing campaign is owned or controlled by you. Social media channels, website, mailings; content has to be curated. 

Using the Kwettr app and Kwettr CMS allows artists to have full control over their content. Results coming from content marketing on your website contribute to search engine optimization.

Share a track with a Share Music campaign

A great way to use content marketing is allowing fans to unlock content with a social share, like, tweet or snap. Kwettr’s Share Music Tool is free to use for all artists.

To sum up:

  • Be social
  • Own your content
  • Get your fans involved
  • Use exclusive content (videos, tracks, mixes) to entice the audience for a valuable interaction

Start for free

Kwettr offers free tools for record labels and artists to get started with content marketing. Our free package is a good starting point for online marketing in the music business. Social media marketing for recorded music, video content or interactions at gigs. Start for free here.

All you need to get started is free content (for example remixes of tracks) and social media accounts. 

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