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How to create direct message campaigns on social media

Direct messages on social media channels have been a hot topic in the music industry for years, with lots of different opinions on the matter. This blog shows you how to successfully run a direct message campaign on social media.

Let’s start off by explaining what a direct message campaign means.

What is a direct message on social media?

A direct message on social media is a message between two friends on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media. It is a personal message from one friend to another and on Twitter it looks like this:

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A Twitter direct message is collected in an inbox on your account. Instead of posting a message on the social media account for anyone to see, a direct message is only visible to the two friends. In a lot of ways, it is similar to a text message on your cell phone.

How are direct messages used in the music industry?

Sending a private message on for example Twitter or Instagram is often done by fans. An artist can, of course, block certain users and make sure that only followers are allowed to send personal messages. On the other hand, artists use direct messages to build relationships with their followers.

Record labels often use their own social media account for sending direct messages to fans or influencers in the music business.

Relationship marketing

Receiving a personal message from your idol feels like a gift. Communicating on a personal level helps to improve the relationship between an artist and his fan. Although this sounds like a tiresome job to do, Kwettr has a way to automate this. We call it Direct Message Campaigns.

Direct Message Campaign

A Kwettr Direct Message Campaign is an automated tool for Twitter and Instagram, often used for promoting music. It enables artists to send their followers a personal direct message in bulk. Without the tool artists can only send personalized messages one at a time, for artists with thousands of followers this is challenging.

Our tool enables artists to send a personal message to the complete followers base or portions of it. It allows you to create groups of followers based on their interactions (frequent users), country, language, gender and even musical preference.

The Kwettr CRM has easy to use options for filtering, analyzing data and sending personal messages. Get to know your fans, start for free here.

The Do’s and Don’ts of direct message campaigns

There are best practices for direct message campaigns, and we love to share our experiences.

The Do’s:

Filter your followers

One of the most important things is to set the right filter when sending direct messages. Sending all your followers a direct message can be tricky, some users experience it as spam. 

Our filtering options enable you to send personal messages only to people who are open to it, people who have shown interaction with you in the past. Filter out all active users, all users in a certain territory, or users who have shown interaction with you in the past.

Filtering followers also helps to increase the conversion rate. On a regular email marketing campaign, the conversion is somewhere between 1 and 3%. On a well filtered Twitter DM campaign, the conversion rates often exceed 30%.

Respond to messages

Sending messages in bulk means receiving a lot of messages from friends too. Responding to all messages is most of the time not possible, but we can advise you in your online marketing. 

Respond to messages from your most loyal followers or people who show the most interaction. For example, a group of people who always retweet your messages. Sometimes sending simple emojis does the trick. 

Keep track of performances: Kwettr analytics

The Kwettr CRM shows analytics of your campaigns. The data from these campaigns is useful in determining which copies work best, which groups of people are most valuable to you and what times and dates work best. 

Use in combination with other Kwettr tools

Direct Message Campaigns can be used to promote music marketing tools such as a Share Music Tool or a smart link to streaming platforms. Example: if you have 100.000 followers, send them a personal message with a link to your Share Music Tool. Ask them to share a message with their friends and after doing that reward them with exclusive content.

This element is called viral marketing.

Be original

This best practice sounds obvious but has to be taken seriously. Make sure to adjust copy, time of sending but also the call-to-action or content. Include gifts, for example, free exclusive content or sneak previews.

A great example is using DM campaigns in voting for the DJMag Top 100 election. Filter out all active users and ask them to vote in return for a piece of exclusive content. More effective than a paid social campaign.

The Don’ts

We’ve analyzed thousands of campaigns over the years and we can also show you what not to do:

Don’t spam

It sounds very obvious, but still, we see people doing it excessively. Take into account the frequency of the DM’s sent, the copy and the recipients.

Frequency: be sure not to send messages too often. Our CRM shows interactions of followers and gives best practices based on your followers base.

Copy: especially when using the same group of people in multiple dm campaigns, be sure to be creative in the copy. Don’t send the same message twice.

Recipients: our tool helps you to filter the right target audience. Don’t send all your messages to the same group of followers.

Use of content

Another ‘don’t’ is to not include content from other people in your DM campaign. Be relevant, send your followers content they expect to receive. Sponsorship deals or advertising for other brands is spam.

What is the policy for direct message campaigns?

Not all social media channels allow direct message campaigns. Our own campaigns are focussed on Twitter and Instagram. 

Kwettr pays close attention to the rules set per social media channel. For example: we do not allow our customers to break the rules set by Twitter and Instagram. We limit the number of DM’s sent per day and we curate the content.

What if my Twitter and Instagram accounts do not have a large number of followers?

In some cases, this is no problem. Our system shows you exactly what percentage of followers are real followers and which ones are fake accounts. Sometimes the conversion rate is much higher on accounts with smaller amounts of followers.

Growing the number of followers is something Kwettr can arrange for you, by means of online advertising.

What if my Twitter account is no longer active?

This is also an argument we often hear, Twitter is not the most popular social media channel. Kwettr helps to solve this problem by filtering out all people who have used their Twitter account in the last 30 days. You can select those and create a target group of active followers.

Our solutions

We offer Direct Message Campaigns in our package deals and, of course, you can try them out for free here. Need help? Create an account on Kwettr and boost your social media marketing. 

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