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The power of artificial intelligence in online marketing

Kwettr online marketing reports are fueled by IBM Watson's supercomputer Watson. It is a computer that uses social media data to predict future customer behaviour, using AI technology. Kwettr helps you to identify new markets, gain insights in customer segments and create target packs for promoting music with online advertising.

What is IBM Watson?

The IBM Watson platform and database has data of over 800 million people. It can identify and understand any audience by combining over 175 attributes, using artificial intelligence.

Use our Watson fueled reports to save money on ads and find new target groups. Machine learning for the music business.

Kwettr -  Kwettr IBM Watson Reports

Why should I use these reports?

There are three main reasons why the music industry uses these reports in online marketing campaigns:

Improve social media ads campaigns

Watson reports determine targeting options for Facebook and Instagram. The supercomputer analyzes data, for example, all people who listen to trance music on Spotify, and then shows you exactly what parameters should be used to target only that select group of people on social media. 

Instead of running ads based on trial and error (or A/B testing), the Watson computer provides valuable insights and saves both time and money on music marketing.

Channel activation

Find out where your target group spends time on- and offline. The channel activation section of the report shows you exactly where the target group (for example all trance fans who use Spotify) can be reached: magazines, online media, newspapers, TV shows and festivals they visit.

It also provides you with example copies that work best for social media posts, time to post them and how to target the users.

Kwettr -  Watson report - Channel activation

Psychological profiles

Customer groups segmented by needs, goals and values. Watson analyzes the target audience and divides them into segments based on their needs and behaviour. It shows you what influences them in their online buying behaviour, who influences them and how they purchase online. It even shows you where and when people are most likely to make another purchase.

All this data is taken from the database from Watson, 800 million people, anonymized to comply with the GDPR rules and regulations.

Kwettr -  Watson report - psychological profiles
Kwettr -  Kwettr IBM Watson Reports (AHTS User case)

User case All Hail the Silence

All Hail the Silence is a collaboration of two dance artists; BT and Christian Burns. They used a Kwettr IBM Watson Report to determine their best go to market strategy for the newly formed band on social media.

User segments

The first step was to determine user segments, based on psychological profiles. A Watson analysis was made of the social media accounts closely related to the AHTS brand. Deep learning to understand the needs and values of the target group.

Channel activation

The second step was to find out where the new target group could best be reached. Watson made a channel activation report: an insight in the radio, TV and printed media the target group uses most frequent.

Ads targeting

The third step was to find the right targeting for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Ads. A target pack was made by Kwettr, to determine the right parameters, bids and copies for ads. Maximize traffic to streaming platforms. 


Combined with a Direct Message Campaign and playlist pitches, the first album was launched successfully. A tour for AHTS followed afterwards.

How can I get IBM Watson reports?

Our Kwettr staff helps you create the most effective report for social media marketing. For costs and more information please email


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