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Free online marketing tools: a do it yourself guide

Kwettr offers artists and record labels a wide variety of services for promoting music online. Besides our paid services, we also offer a part of our tools for free. This blog describes all our free online music marketing services and how artists can benefit from them.

Free Unlock Tool

A Kwettr Unlock Tool is a custom made web-based tool that enables your fans to tweet, like, share, snap or follow in return for exclusive content. Giving away incentives using social media platforms. Especially powerful in combination with one of our direct message campaigns on Twitter or Instagram.

How it works:

Record labels or artists create their own branded Unlock Tool, which can be embedded in any website or as a standalone service. Reward your fans with exclusive content if they share your message with their friends. Tracks, mixes, music videos; all can be unlocked using mobile phones. 

The tool is free to use, the difference between the paid version is that the free version has a limited amount of content marketing options. Marketing efforts including Unlock Tools are supplementary to online advertising.

Kwettr -  Kwettr-Unlock--Tools

Free dm campaign

DM campaign stands for Direct Message Campaign. Social media channels Twitter and Instagram are used to send direct, personal messages to fans of an artist. A complete guide for DM campaigns can be found here

Direct Message Campaigns have a very high conversion rate, compared to email marketing. On average, a DM Campaign has a conversion rate well over 15%, sometimes even exceeding 30%. This is due to the personal touch that is added; an artist sends his fans a personal message.  Social media marketing on a personal level.

The difference with the paid option: the ability to filter out active users, localize content and on the paid account the number of DM’s that can be sent is higher.

Kwettr -  Kwettr Direct Message Campaigns

Free music marketing: smart landing page tool:

Create your own music landing page to lead customers on where to buy, stream or unlock your content. Use one link to communicate your music across all your channels.

Sign up for a free account and create your own perfect landing page. Streamline and simplify communications, set up intelligent links that route fans to your music on all streaming platforms.

The difference with a paid account: a free account is valid for 30 days.

Kwettr - music landing page

Free e-books

Kwettr has free e-books covering all relevant topics of music marketing: how to write a promotional plan, Spotify marketing, a guide to online ads and many more

The free e-books are used to learn all there is to know about the music industry, from the perspective of an artist or a record label.

All free services in one bundle: Kwettr Free

Our Kwettr Free bundle has all the tools needed to get started with music marketing. Click here to get your free account.

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