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The importance of relationship marketing in the music industry

Our mission is to improve the artist/fan relationship. Resulting in a bigger reach and more revenue for artists. We aim to create a world in which both artists and fans feel respected so they can develop themselves to become the person they want to be.

Kwettr helps artists to create a solid relationship marketing strategy.

This blog describes the importance of a good relationship between artists and their fans and how it plays a role in promoting music.

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is all about creating a long term relationship with fans instead of focussing on short term sales goals. Customer loyalty plays an important role. 

Instead of focussing on getting a sale (buy my record, stream my record), we believe that successful music marketing is not tied to one particular product or service. Making sure both artists and fans are satisfied after an interaction between the two is important; in the long term, this helps to maximize the relationship and create long term customers.

The importance of data analytics

Technology plays an important role in modern-day relationship marketing. In our digital age, technology allows us to track, store, analyze and utilize information like never before. 

Our Kwettr tools are fueled by artificial intelligence and the latest analytical technologies. We use predictive analytics and data science. Kwettr customers have access to fan insights, segmentation of the target group and in-depth knowledge of their fans. Most loyal customers and most active users are displayed.

The importance of social media

Social media allows artists to follow their fans and get in touch on a personal level. Kwettr shows reports on social media channels and helps artists to not only get in touch with their most loyal fans. Social media is used for promoting and automating communication between artists and fans. 

For example, our direct message service; this allows artists to send personal messages to fans, based on their level of involvement. Very loyal fans spark good relationships and Kwettr allows you to automate contact with this important group of people. 

A key element in relationship marketing: branding

Brand management plays an important role in relationship marketing. Creating a positive attitude towards a brand results in getting a so-called Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA). 

An artist can form a long-term relationship with a fan if that fan feels like the brand they like reflects who they are or who they want to be. The other way around; if artists have a strong relationship with their fans it enhances the joy in producing and performing music. 

So basically, relationship marketing’s goal is for both artists and fans to feel better about themselves in the long run.

Two-way communication: speak and listen

Social media is often used by artists to communicate new releases, music videos or share images of shows or opinions. Over the years, since communities started to grow, it became almost impossible to respond to all fans separately. This, however, is not the best development.

We see it all too often, artists who use social media to command their fans. ‘Buy my record/stream my record’. Often comments are not answered and most emphasis is placed on pushing products to the target audience. Pushing content through social ads is one thing, but using social media solely to send instead of receive communications is a bad thing.

Kwettr enables artists to automate communications on a personal level. Receiving feedback is important for artists, but responding to the right person at the right time with the right message is equally important.

Take Kwettr’s Share Music Tool, for example, it is a content marketing tool that can be used as a loyalty program. Unlocking exclusive content with likes, shares, tweets or invites sent to friends improves the relationship. Fans collect loyalty points that make customers engaged.

The role of relationships in viral marketing

Viral marketing makes, as the word says, make content go viral. Virality results in a huge reach on social media. Which results in more traffic to Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music. 

Sparking viral marketing starts with a solid relationship between artist and fans. A good example is a well-targeted Direct Message Campaign on Twitter. Artists who filter out the most active users and send only that small group of users a personal direct message, get a huge conversion. If the message includes a link to a free track (given away with a Kwettr Share Music Tool) this results in a viral marketing campaign.

In short; we believe that a solid relationship between artist and fan is of the highest importance in online marketing. Give, before you ask is our credo (give exclusive content before asking for a purchase or stream). Do not ask fans to like you, give them a reason to like you.

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