Coronavirus How to adapt music marketing for artists and record labels

Coronavirus: How to adapt music marketing for artists and record labels

The world is facing its biggest humanitarian challenge since WWII: COVID-19. Lockdowns, crises, overcrowded hospitals and economic malaise in almost every country in the world. For the music and entertainment industry a problem of this scale is devastating; health problems, cancelled shows and lack of (financial) aid from governments.

This article describes ways and means for artists to adapt to the current crisis. Recreate your music marketing strategy using our tips & tricks.

Since the start of this global COVID-19 pandemic artists found themselves in a big change; from performing to staying inside the house or studio. It requires a change of mindset as well as online marketing. Instead of interacting with fans directly, all communication shifted to online.

Working on relationships with fans online is more important now than ever. Monitoring online behaviour is key.

The importance of SEO

Music fans all over the world are staying indoors, working from home. The daily use of the internet is booming, Netflix onboards over 16 million subscribers in a month due to the crises. More use of the internet means more data to analyse, meaning a possibility to understand online behaviour. SEO reports are valuable in this matter.

How can I use it?

Use SEO tools to monitor site performance, and use reports (such as Spotify for Artists) to learn what content works best these days. Social media reports are equally relevant; see what content and what times work best to post. Improve online advertising on Google Ads and social media.

Direct message campaigns: a personal note

Social media such as Instagram and Twitter can be used to send direct personal messages to followers. This is an opportunity for artists to get in touch with fans by means of a personal note on social media channels. A message to fans, wishing them safety and health in these hard times.

How can I use it?

DM campaigns can, using good targeting, send messages to active users, users in certain areas or countries or messages in specific languages. Build relationships with your loyal fans with the opposite of social distancing: getting close on social networks.

A trend on streaming services: Chill mood

Spotify recently shared insights into the listening behaviour of people in lockdowns. Apparently, easy-listening genres such as chill-out went on a rise in popularity.

How can I use it?

As a label, there are opportunities for this using playlists. Adjust playlists to easy listening, share chill-out music and communicate it on social networks and blog posts.

Livestream from (home) studio

Ever since the outbreak of the virus, and the cancellation of shows, artists have turned to their studios. Trends on social media show a huge interest from fans in live streams. Music lovers no longer have the option to attend concerts, experiencing a live stream makes them enjoy the music in a social way. Interactions between fans and artists are possible and boost user experience.

How can I use it?

Try live streaming a set, or add a Q&A to the stream.

Daily remixes

Seen frequently on channels such as Twitch and YouTube, artists who showcase a new remix on a daily basis. To keep engagement with fans at a high level. Artists spend more time in the studio since the outbreak of the coronavirus, meaning much more content that can be shared.

Producer tutorials

Another great way to improve relationships with fans and other artists is to launch a producer tutorial on social media. Getting people involved in how artists make their magic happen is a great way to keep the communication going and work on brand image. Collaborating with other artists online can also lead to new tracks and remixes.

How to make money during COVID-19: merch

Bandcamp recently announced waiving their revenue share on all merch sold on a specific date. This was their act of kindness during the COVID-19 crisis.

Labels and bands who were in the midst of a tour when the virus broke out can sell their merchandise on Bandcamp to generate income.

Our helping hand to you

During the COVID-19 crises, our team of label managers will lend a helping hand to tailor-make an online strategy for your brand, music or label. They will help you determine the right marketing campaign. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information about products or services.

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