Music marketing A guide to successfully promote a music album

Music marketing: A guide to successfully promote a music album

Have you got an album coming up and are you looking for a killer way to promote it? We’ve put together a guide for record labels and artists with useful tips for a successful album promotion.

The magic number: 4 weeks 

Make sure that your album has been delivered to all digital service providers (Spotify, iTunes etc) at least 4 weeks prior to the release date. DSPs need at least 4 weeks of lead time when it comes to scheduling content, features, promotions or passing an album through an editorial team. Wonder how to get your album pitched at DSPs? Distribution includes pitches.

Kwettr Promotional Pitches DSPs User case Black Hole Recordings

Data, data, data 

4 is the magic number, Data is the magic word in online marketing. Collecting and interpreting data is more important than ever. Useful tools include SEMrush or HRefs. SEMrush can be used to determine what kind of ad campaigns need to be done or what kind of adjustments need to be made to existing online media. HRefs is used to determine the right keywords.

Using a Google Performance Max campaign (P-Max) you can even use AI to run your ads.

Kwettr IBM Watson Reports

Pre-save, pre-order

The best way to create a buzz before the release date is to have pre-saves and pre-orders available for your hardcore fans.

Kwettr pre saves


Another great way to improve customer experiences is by sharing exclusive material. Snippets of new tracks, videos of studio time, meet and greets, signed copies of albums, goodie bags. Use targeted direct message campaigns to reach out to your existing customers with personalized messages. 

Socials: organic and ads 

Why use a press & PR agent if targeted social ads and Google Ads reach the same people for only a small portion of the money? And be sure to always check your Facebook Insights for valuable data on organic posts.

Free giveaways

Besides exclusives, there is bound to be some content that can be given away for free. Reward your most loyal customers when they share your message on social media.

Email marketing: still a relevant tool for the music industry

The Kwettr mail program has great targeting options. Select the most active users and only offer content to those who are looking for it. Tailor-made content offerings are a sign of good customer service.

Include DSPs in your marketing plan and social communications

DSPs like Apple Music just love it when you give them a shout-out on social media. When a new album or single is released, make sure to share links to DSPs and of course, nice images of those DSPs in case your record is featured. Chances are high that some of these DSPs will share or like your message, increasing your reach even further.

To sum up…

Promoting an album takes time and dedication. Start at least 4 weeks in advance, use our free e-books and tools for inspiration or contact one of our account managers.

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