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App Feature

  • Kwettr App music feature
  • Live fan communication
  • Kwettr community access

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Feature your music in the Kwettr app.

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Access to Exclusive Content

  Let fans use their social media accounts to unlock discounts on merchandise, tickets, music or reward them with exclusive content. Reward fans when they share on socials; increase revenue by letting them unlock discount coupons or sample products.

Kwettr Community

  Use the Kwettr app to get in touch with the Kwettr community: a large database of music fans who like to share dance music exclusive content with their friends.

Geo-fencing Push Notifications

  Use the app to set a perimeter around a club or festival. All Kwettr users in the perimeter receive a direct message. A welcome video, or access to exclusive content. “Tweet or post that you are attending my show and unlock my new single”.


  Artists create their own branded Photocards in the Kwettr app. Fans use Photocards to create and share branded content on social media.


  Post videos in the app or link to a YouTube video. Fans comment and like videos in the Kwettr app.

Fan Wall & Top Users

  Fans interact with other fans using the Kwettr Fan Wall. Share pictures during gigs, comment on posts and talk about music. App users collect points, top users are rewarded with exclusive content.

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Used by

The Kwettr experience gave us a fantastic boost in our social media presence and gave us a much-needed look into our statistics and demographics. I would highly recommend partnering up as we saw higher sales and larger reach for our recent releases which attributed largely to the addition of our Kwettr page.

Benjamin Leung
AVA Recordings