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  • Promote upcoming releases
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  • Pre-saves for Spotify and Apple Music

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Promote your upcoming release using Kwettr Pre-saves to Spotify and Apple Music. Start a 30-day free trial and create an unlimited amount of pre-saves.

Kwettr - Kwettr pre-saves

Get inspired, read a user case:

DJ Charmes

Dutch DJ Charmes has a Kwettr account which he uses to create pre-saves for his new content. 4 weeks prior to every release he generates his pre-save links in his Kwettr account.

Communicating a pre-saveĀ 

Charmes also uses Kwettr tools to communicate his pre-save: a Direct Message Campaign on Twitter boosts traffic to Spotify. Charmes includes pre-save information in his Spotify pitches. New Charmes releases get featured on playlists.

Kwettr - Spotify pre-saves

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