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Package deal Pro

  • Direct Message Campaigns including 48.000 DM’s, 4 social accounts
  • Unlock Tool (Share Music & Remix Competition)
  • link builder
  • App Feature
  • Mailings
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Support

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Expand online reach, improve relationships with fans and grow your fanbase. A complete marketing package for artists, bands and record companies.

Kwettr - Package deal Pro

Example strategies for using Pro

Unlock Tools are used to expand online reach by letting fans unlock music. Direct Message Campaigns, Mailings and App Features are often used to drive traffic to the Unlock Tool.

Influencer Marketing is used to expand promotional opportunities. Labels that frequently use Facebook ads get a dedicated account manager who runs campaigns and helps to improve ad strategies.

Used by

Get inspired, read a user case:

Myon - Tales from Another World

  • 33% increased reach on social media
  • Over Eur. 4000 revenue
  • Dozens of featurings and chart positions

DJ and producer Myon delivered a stunning mix compilation, Tales from Another World. A stunning deep house compilation, both physical and digital product.

To promote his product Myon used a Kwettr package deal, Pro. A Kwettr Pro package is used to expand reach on social media, using digital word-of-mouth advertising and promotions to Beatport, Spotify and iTunes.

So how does it work? We’ll unveil the secret

Some of the services included in the Pro package that were used for the campaign:

Direct Message Campaigns

On Myon’s Twitter and Instagram account, direct messages were sent to his most dedicated followers. The direct messages contained a call to action: to pre-save on Spotify, share on social media, and unlock content in return for tweets, likes and shares.

Over 15.000 direct messages were sent in 3 weeks.

Mail campaign

Kwettr has a large database with fans of dance music. People who use tweets, likes, shares to unlock exclusive content.

Over 20.000 emails were sent to dedicated Kwettr fans.

Unlock Tool

A custom-made Kwettr Share Music Tool lets fans unlock exclusive Tales from Another World content with a tweet, like, Spotify follow or share.

Over 2000 people used the Share Music Tool in 2 weeks, reach on social media increased by 33%.

Kwettr App feature

The Kwettr app was used to share exclusive pre-release content. 3 weeks prior to the release, the Kwettr app featured one new track every day, fans could unlock a track per day with a tweet or like.

Over 1000 daily active users who unlocked Tales from Another World exclusive tracks.

Spotify & Beatport promotions

3 weeks prior to the release date, Kwettr pitched tracks of this album for featurings on Spotify playlists. The compilation was pitched for promotions at Apple Music and iTunes.

Kwettr - Myon No.1 on Beatport

IBM Watson

IBM Watson Reports were used to analyze all data from tweets, posts, shares online. All content related to Tales from Another World was analyzed to predict future sales patterns.

A database of over 800 million people was used to predict future sales patterns.


This case study shows a strong return on investments. A large reach on social media, chart positions, featurings and revenue.


Costs of the campaign: €299
Revenue generated: >€4000
Reach on socials: Increased by 33% during 3-weeks campaign

Featurings & chart positions:

  • Apple Music Best of the Week USA
  • iTunes USA featuring & no.2 on Dance chart
  • No. 1 Beatport
  • Dozens of blog featurings and editorials