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Social Media Reports

  • Improve content strategy
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Learn from competitors data

Included in Enterprise

Kwettr generates reports of your social media channels. Improve your content strategy, find out who your active users are and how to interact with them.

Kwettr - Kwettr Social Media Reports

A complete overview of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Best performing posts, time to post, reactions of your community, popular topics, hashtags, reach and impressions.

Kwettr - Kwettr Social Media Reports - Follower and Following Intelligence Reports

Data of most used hashtags or competitors

Download a list of tweets based on hashtags, dm’s received or sent but also lists of competitors followers. Useful in targeting ads and finding out the strategy of competitors.

Used by

The Kwettr experience gave us a fantastic boost in our social media presence and gave us a much-needed look into our statistics and demographics. I would highly recommend partnering up as we saw higher sales and larger reach for our recent releases which attributed largely to the addition of our Kwettr page.

Benjamin Leung
AVA Recordings