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Unlock Tool

  • Promote your single or album
  • Use to grow your fanbase
  • Create games, puzzles, referral hacks, remix competitions
  • Use points and thresholds to reward loyal fans

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Kwettr is a DIY music marketing platform for growing fan engagement and revenue.

Unlock Tools are used to increase online reach, reward loyal fans and grow awareness. Fans unlock exclusive content in return for likes, shares, pre-saves and email addresses.

Our landmark product, winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards public prize. Funnel marketing for the music industry.

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Unlock Tool

Create a custom-made app in a minute. Active fans collect points by sharing your message and unlock more exclusive content.

Unlock with a Referral

A Referral Unlock Tool used for viral marketing: hacking growth. Your fans are asked to invite a friend to perform an action, as a reward both the fan and his friend unlock exclusive content. Fully automated, works with email- and social share.

Unlock artwork campaign 

Best used to reveal the artwork of a new release. Fans perform actions and unlock pieces of the artwork. When a certain amount of shares, likes or tweets has been reached the artwork is revealed. A boost in online awareness of your new release.

Prize-winning question/sweepstakes

Reward fans when they answer questions, take part in sweepstakes or solve puzzles. All actions increase traffic on social media.

Countdown to release calendar

Create a countdown calendar with exclusive content leading up to a new release. Each day fans unlock new content in return for shares, follows, performing actions. A steady flow of traffic during the promotional period of a new album or tour.

Remix competition

Use our Unlock Tool to create a remix competition. Drive traffic using a Direct Message Campaign, mailing by Kwettr or ads on social media.

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Can I reward loyal fans?

Kwettr allows content to be unlocked when a certain amount of points is exceeded.

For example, when a fan performs multiple actions on an Unlock Tool, each action rewards the fan with 5 points.

A tweet, a like and a follow are all rewarded with 5 points. 

You can set the number of points that are needed in order for the fan to receive extra content.

This way fans are rewarded when they actively share your message multiple times.

Can I prevent fans from creating fake accounts in order to receive exclusive content?

Yes, Kwettr tools can even measure how high the increase in reach actually was. For example, a fan shares your message and reaches more than a certain number of people: in that case, content is unlocked.

This feature prevents people from creating 'fake' accounts in order to receive your content. Only your true fans will be rewarded when they share your message.

You can set the threshold as you wish.