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Beatport Promo

  • Weekly pitches to Beatport editorial team
  • Easy to use promo forms

Beatport Promo is included in our Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

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Kwettr started out as a business unit of a record company and has solid relationships with digital service providers.

Kwettr - Kwettr Beatport Featuring

Get inspired, read a user case:

Black Hole Recordings

Weekly pitches in Kwettr account

Black Hole Recordings use Kwettr promotional pitch sheets. Kwettr account managers pitch content to Beatport. The information included by Black Hole Recordings: artist info, press photos and when available a tour schedule.

Featuring updates

All featured releases are shown in Black Hole’s account on Kwettr. Measurable result: Black Hole has weekly featurings on Beatport.

Kwettr - Kwettr Promotional Pitches DSP’s (User case - Black Hole Recordings)

Also used

Use a Share Music Tool and Direct Message Campaign combined. Fans receive direct messages sending them to the Share Music Tool for exclusive content. Fans tweet, share and like, generating traffic to Beatport. This information is used in the promotional pitch for banner requests.

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