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Direct Message Campaigns

  • Send personalized, direct messages to social media followers
  • Communicate an album, tour or special event
  • Available for Twitter and Instagram

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Send personalized, direct messages to your followers and add a personal touch when spreading your marketing message.

Kwettr - Kwettr Direct Message Campaigns

Targeting and filtering

Kwettr filters users based on activity, gender, location, language. Direct messages are only sent to selected user groups on Twitter. Kwettr DM Campaigns let you exclude inactive users and shows you which groups of users are active or inactive followers.


A direct message adds a personal touch, conversion often exceeds 20%. Higher click-through rates than regular email campaigns.

Award-winning tool

Kwettr received the prestigious Accenture Innovation Public Award. Over 3 million direct messages are sent by Kwettr each year.

Kwettr is a brilliant opportunity to get your message heard in a way that connects you even more with your fans. Seeing the feedback on Kwettr campaigns is impressive and give you the unique chance to give an even more personal thank you to your audience while sharing news with them at the same time.

Jenny Walzer
Project & Digital Campaign Management

Get inspired, read a user case:

Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk used a Twitter Direct Message Campaign to give his fans his Tomorrowland set. His followers received a personal direct message, containing a link to the set. Once unlocked or downloaded, the fan also received a link to the voting ballot for DJ Mag Top 100. Results: Paul van Dyk has 1.3 million followers, during the DM Campaign the tweets reached over 55 million people. Over 100.000 interactions and 9 climbed places on the DJ Mag election.

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