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Influencer Marketing

  • Collect data on influencers, backlinks, social stats
  • Get in touch with dance music influencers 
  • Increase reach for your new releases

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Based on your musical genre and goals, Kwettr finds influential media. Blogs, magazines, influencers, radio stations.

Kwettr - Kwettr Piggybacking Reports - Influencer Report

Get inspired, read a user case:


Stillpoint. logo

Neoclassical label Stillpoint used Kwettr Influencer Marketing to find influencers for Spotify and YouTube.

Filter email addresses

  The label manager receives a list of contacts and email addresses for blogs, media and influencers working in the neoclassical genre.


  Over 1000 new valuable contacts were generated. Bloggers, influencers, magazines, radio stations, fellow composers. Over 10% increase in featured tracks on blogs and playlists.

Kwettr - Kwettr Piggybacking Canvas - User case Stillpoint

Data protection 

Kwettr only finds publicly available email addresses. Kwettr does not violate any privacy regulations. The email addresses are not used in Kwettr mailings, label managers use the email addresses to grow their promo list and send personal emails.