Kwettr - Facebook hacks

E-book Facebook hacks

Do you want to know more about Facebook hacks? 
Our free e-book shows you how to create Facebook hacks to reach more people.

Kwettr - Promotional Plan

E-book Promotional plan

Kwettr started as a business unit of a record company. Over 20 years of experience in the music industry is added to Kwettr as a core value. Our experience in promoting music is offered to artists and record labels.

Kwettr - E-book Direct Message Campaigns

E-book Direct Message Campaigns

Use Kwettr to send personalized direct messages to followers on social media. Download the free e-book to learn from successful campaigns.

Kwettr - E-book facts & figures

E-book Facts & figures

Kwettr helps artists and labels to improve relationships with fans and expand reach on social media. Download our facts & figures e-book and get inspired.

Kwettr - 6 tips for Facebook ads

E-book 6 tips for Facebook ads

Check out our tips & tricks and learn how to create effective ads on Facebook. 
Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. 
See how we connect businesses with the right people with Facebook marketing.

Kwettr - E-book 10 tips for social media marketing success

E-book 10 tips for social media marketing success

Get more followers on social media. Download our free e-book today.

Kwettr - E-book How to use Instagram for the music industry

E-book How to use Instagram for the music industry

Managing Instagram requires a well thought out strategy and a good knowledge of your marketing goals. That is why we made this e-book; to help artists and labels improve their Instagram marketing activities.

Kwettr - E-book Kwettr music marketing

E-book Kwettr music marketing

Music marketing is all about reaching fans and building relationships. 
We’ve made a free e-book filled with tips & tricks of our most successful campaigns. 
Optimize your efforts on social media, get detailed insights into how your posts are performing.

Kwettr - E-book Spotify playlist marketing

E-book Spotify playlist marketing

One of the most powerful marketing tools of Spotify is music playlists. This article explains how to get a playlist placement and reach millions of people.

Kwettr - E-book Beatport Marketing

E-book Beatport marketing

Beatport promo is included in our Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. Download our free e-book for more information.

Kwettr - E-book 25-growth-hacks-for-the-music-industry-to-grow-your-business

E-book 25+ growth hacks for the music industry to grow your business

Get your most loyal fans involved in promoting your music. Referral hacks, pre-saves, social unlocks and lead generation. Engage fans by creating your own viral loops.