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Use Kwettr to get your tracks included in large user-generated Spotify playlists. Additional streams up to 80.000 per campaign. Get featured in playlists with more than 300.000 subscribers¹.

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We focus on reaching a high number of active Spotify playlist subscribers. The prediction of average streams is based on organic streams generated from our playlists within the first 4 weeks. The total number of streams varies per genre and campaign.

Kwettr playlist campaigns often cause a viral effect. Other playlist curators notice the track and include it in their playlists as well, creating a long tail revenue stream.

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Bobina - Targets

Bobina is a Russian trance DJ who has been performing all over the world for over 15 years. He recently made an album of alternative rock music, very different than what his fans expect from him. Pitching alternative rock releases in Spotify for Artists turned out to be unsuccessful. More marketing efforts were needed.

Kwettr pitched some of the tracks to user-generated playlist curators. This resulted in features on large Spotify playlists. His relatively unknown rock tracks were featured amongst mainstream pop music artists.

Kwettr - Case study Bobina - Targets

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