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Kwettr is a Google Certified advertiser on YouTube, Google Display, Search and Shopping ads. Use Kwettr to boost views on your music videos. Targeting powered by our IBM Watson artificial intelligence tool.

Kwettr YouTube Marketing

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Kwettr YouTube Marketing


How does it work?

We promote your video using several types of ads, favouring the best performing ad. Targeting is determined by our artificial intelligence reports, powered by IBM Watson.

Does my video collect real views?

Yes, we target ads to drive relevant traffic to your video. Based on genre, demographics, sociographics and even placements on YouTube channels and videos of other artists and record companies of your choice.

Are the views monetized?

Yes, views on your video attribute to your ad revenue.

My video is not released yet, can I book an ads campaign?

Yes, you can book a campaign prior to the release date. We need the URL to the video and of course your targeting preference. After purchase, we will get in touch with you and discuss targeting options.

Connecting YouTube accounts

The best way to run an ads campaign is to connect your YouTube account with Kwettr’s Google Ads account, for tracking campaigns performance. This is not mandatory.

Can all videos be promoted?

No, YouTube is very strict when it comes to promoting videos. In some cases, the YouTube algorithm marks your video as ‘explicit content’ even when that is not the case. We contact YouTube on a daily basis and in some exceptional cases we can’t start the promotion. You will get a full refund in that case.

Can I also promote my release in general, f.e. on Google Display?

Yes, we can also run ads on Display, Search and Shopping.

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