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Delivery to DSPs

Fast deliver to 180 DSPs worldwide

Kwettr has direct deals and connections with all major DSPs, such as iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube and Spotify.

Kwettr's preferred Spotify status ensures fast delivery of content.

Delivery to DSPs

Easy to use online platform

Kwettr Distribution; Easy to use online platform

Upload and manage music with your own Kwettr account.

Schedule deliveries

Easily create products and compilations.

Fast, Easy, Efficient



Kwettr reports and pays royalties on a monthly basis.

Simple, easy to understand royalty reports in several formats (pdf, excel).

Kwettr Distribution; Accounting

Data Analytics

Kwettr Distribution; Data Analytics

Get insights in streams and downloads from major DSPs. Included in your Kwettr account.

Easy to use and updated daily.

Discover trends and developments for your catalogue.


Youtube Marketing

Kwettr is a Google Certified advertiser on YouTube, Google Display, Search and Shopping ads.
Use Kwettr to boost views on your music videos.
Targeting powered by our IBM Watson artificial intelligence tool.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube ads for music videos

Google certified

All music genres

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Spotify Marketing

Use Kwettr to get your tracks included in large user-generated Spotify playlists.
Kwettr has valuable contacts with playlist curators all over the world in various genres.
Get featured in playlists with more than 300.000 subscribers.

Easy to use forms

Spotify playlist features

All music genres

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Spotify Marketing


Promote your upcoming release using Kwettr Pre-saves to Spotify and Apple Music.

Kwettr pre-saves

Promote upcoming releases

Pre-saves for Spotify and Apple Music

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Kwettr database of music fans

Promotional mailings based on genre

High conversion rates

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Kwettr Mail Campaigns

Create your own landing page

One link with unlimited portals

Easy to use dashboard

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Beatport Promo

Kwettr started out as a business unit of a record company and has solid relationships with digital service providers.

Weekly pitches to Beatport editorial team

Easy to use promo forms

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Kwettr Beatport Promo