Kwettr has a large community of dance music fans. Trance, house, deep house, techno: a database of email addresses available for promotional mailings. Use Kwettr Mail Campaigns to connect to dance-minded people, and drive traffic to your music.

Kwettr Mailings

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Kwettr monthly mailings

Any Kwettr customer can book an email campaign using their Kwettr account. All Kwettr customers can opt-in to have their content included in monthly mailings done by Kwettr, segmented by genre.

How to use Kwettr Mail Campaigns

Kwettr customers request mailings in their Kwettr account. For example, Magic Island Records. Each time the label has a new release, a dedicated mailing is sent.

Kwettr Mailings Roger Shah User case

Protection of data

Kwettr Mail Campaigns are compliant to GDPR rules. Email addresses will not be shared with any third party.

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